Big Raspberry JAM TOKYO 2013 のスライド一覧

こんにちは、Big Raspberry JAM TOKYO 2013 で発表いただきました 皆さんのスライド(LTを含む)で公開されているものをまとめました ので、ご参照ください。

・Networking (5/24)

Shutter Speed Tester with Raspberry Pi by Yuriko Ikeda

New method to detect access to a Java EE server by Yukihiro Konishi

TODAY’s CD-ROM cooking by Akira Ouchi

Preview of Pidora by Hideki Aoshima

・Big Jam (5/25)

How to use wordpress with Raspberry PI by Yuriko Ikeda

Scratch programings with GPIO and Squeak API by Kazuhiro Abe

Let’s play Eject Command with Raspberry PI – CD-ROM Cooking with Raspberry PI by Akira Ouchi

Gadget Colloquia for Unix Natives by Hiroyuki Ohno

Raspberry Pi Lego Cases Cooking by Keika Komura

‘Case’ study of Raspberry Pi by Masataka Tsukamoto (LT) *note he presented the Case for Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Wifi Positioning by Tatsuya Sasaki (LT)

・Hardware (5/26)

How to cook GPIO on Raspberry Pi – LED blinking and thermo sensors by Hideki Aoshima

Raspberry Pi & Rilakkuma by Masafumi Ohta (LT)




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